I’m A Blizzard Wizard! – Episode 2 – Part 3 of 5


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>go east

A small clearing appears before you in the looming darkness. There is something glowing nearby. What do you do?

>watch video


Spending The Night With A Dark Soul


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Have you ever had a one night stand that ended with disastrous results? I’ve had a few.

So when I decided to play Dark Souls one night, I didn’t think I’d need bleach to get the stains out. What started as a perfectly innocent night ended rather horribly, though my television is still intact. Continue reading

Savage Worlds


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I got to spend my Saturday night nerding it up with some good friends. My husband and I host monthly tabletop gaming nights. We’re definitely into the pen-and-paper RPG’s, and board games. The problem with board games, though, is they don’t allow for a whole lot of role-play, and let’s face it, that’s where this group of friends shines. Continue reading

Super Kawaii Happy Fun Time Action Theater!

At least, that’s what Double Fine should have called it. Instead, they chose Happy Action Theater. Which is just as well, because my creative genius demands large sums of money.

Speaking of large sums of money, did you hear Tim Schafer single-handedly raised more than $1 million American dollars in 24 hours? I can only contribute this to the purchase of Happy Action Theater I made. Karma! Continue reading



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Hey guys, I just wanted to shamelessly plug a reading I did for the crew over at The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast. If you like H.P. Lovecraft’s work, and haven’t already been listening to Chris and Chad, you really should! They put on an entertaining show every week. There is also tons of merch in their store my husband has designed.

So check it out, and enjoy the reading!

Azathoth – H.P. Lovecraft