I’m just this chick, you know? I like to play video games.
And then write about them.

I also write depressing poetry.

My first few forays into blogging ended rather horribly.

One night I decided I was going to start a gaming blog myself. What held me back for many months was a name.

I wanted it to embody everything my gaming blog would stand for: video games, humor, geekery and perhaps a touch of nostalgia. A few ideas trickled through, but nothing came to fruition. Months went by, but still the seed grew. It put roots over my synapses, and soon I was obsessed with thinking of a name. I’d pester my husband for ideas during dinner, in the car, in bed. But still nothing.

Laying in bed one night, I thought of my deceased father and his love of video games; how he passed that passion down to me. There was a game in particular I remembered that consumed him. A game I would find him playing for hours at a time, imploring me to “just give me five more minutes, Jas”. It also happened to be the same game whose Lead Designer my husband idolizes.

And then I knew.

Thus, Name/Job/Bye was born from Ultima; specifically
Ultima 7, for my personal benefit.

Name/Job/Bye – the three basic options you encounter as the Avatar as you talk your way through the Ultima universe.

A tribute to the love of my father, who planted the seed; the love of my husband, who fostered the roots; and the love of video games, who makes that tree grow.

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