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Oh guys, did you see what I just did there?!

I have had the privilege to play the Kinect. Just like everyone else this holiday season.

Upon first playing with the Kinect, it is a mixture of awe and reverence. There isn’t really an experience like it, and I feel sorry for future generations of gamers when this becomes the default experience. My mind was racing with thoughts of “Look at me, I’m not using a controller!” and “This is what it must feel like to be in TRON!”, and I hadn’t even gotten out of the main menu.

It really is targeted to families and casual gamers, which I am (sort of) happy to see. While I do not wish all of my gaming experiences to be through the Kinect, I am happy for what it is.

I’ve played most of the launch titles. Well, most that matter in any case.

Kinect Sports is a must-have for children and parties. Indeed, my son loves Kinect Bowling, and I picture him a Little Lebowski maybe one day (not really). The track and field sports I have problem with, but mostly because I live on the third floor in an apartment building. I’m fairly sure my neighbors downstairs would not love for me to be running in place any time.

Kinectimals is a fun and cute game, obviously targeted at little girls. I hope to see them expand into more animals than just big cats. And I freaking love cats.

Kinect Adventures was just so-so. I felt as if I were transported to some back-packing alternate universe where everyone does stupid things like avoiding obstacles and dodgeball instead of climbing mountains and eating scorpions.

Dance Central was surprisingly fun. I love to dance, but I scoffed at first thinking it would be stupid. It has some amazing body tracking abilities, though sometimes I don’t feel as if I’m actually doing the moves correctly. I’m an avid belly dancer, rather than a hip-hip/pop dancer, so what I would love to see is a belly dancing game for the Kinect.

And of course there is the obligatory sex simulator for the Kinect that won’t be coming to the US market. Or perhaps any market. But watch on in NSFW territory as a creepy faceless man manipulates a disembodied hand to what is supposed to be foreplay. Though I guess it really does accurately simulate the first awkward 10 minutes of any soft core porn.

All in all, I am very hopeful for the Kinect and I see it becoming a booming business venture for Mircosoft.


“they will see us waving from such great heights”