I Held Such High Hopes

This is my official resignation. Whatever glimmer of hope I ever had for this blog has been ripped from me. I am weary.

I have a five year old with autism to take care of. And then I will be working every single night with no sleep for the foreseeable future. Just so I can hope we don’t go bankrupt.

I’m done.

See you, space cowboy.


E3 2012


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I’ve never been a fan of E3. It seems dreadfully boring as a concept: pile as many sweaty press attendants into a large room with flashy PowerPoint presentations and PR guys with face mics. What you get is a niche managerial seminar that lasts for days.

Basically, a circle jerk; the unveiling of long awaited games the glistening climax.

In truth, there’s nothing a few internet videos can’t accomplish. But it’s the pomp and ceremony that gets everyone slavering. Slap some professionalism in the form of posterboard and projection screens, and you more or less are standing in the overarching ceiling of a convention center – E3. Can you smell the cheap plastic and body odor?

Good. Let’s get started. Continue reading

The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast – Episode 112


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Have you been hearing me blather about Chris and Chad over at The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast? Have you been alive for at least the last two weeks? Then you probably know I did a reading for them!

Check out their latest: Episode 112 – The Disinterment!

Make yourself comfy with a cup of tea and enjoy the episode! Also, peruse their archives. There’s some great stuff there.

A big thank you goes out to Chris and Chad for allowing me this opportunity! And to everyone who has come here from HPPodcraft: thank you!


“aych pee pod craft dot com”

PixiTracker and Step Sequence


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I’ve been perusing the myriad music apps over at the App Store on iTunes. I can play guitar and sing, but I do like branching out. Balking at the extraordinary amount of money they want for such apps as Garage Band, I had wondered if there was something cheaper.

Admittedly, I wanted to write a faux chip tune to be used as fanfare for my (hopefully updated soon) Let’s Plays. And I was also very much inspired by a friend who uses MTV Music Generator to make his music, as well as Jim Guthrie. I tried finding a competent RAM for MTV Music Generator, but the torrent file was corrupt. Continue reading

Contre Jour


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I am constantly on the look-out for neat little games my son can play on our iPad. Or I should say my husband is, because I rarely farm the marketplace. Ha!

Oftentimes I will find games installed on our iPad and play them. You would think two gamers married to each other would discuss games habitually. We do, in our own ways, but with both of us having jobs, a kid, and household responsibilities, it’s easy to forget things.

One night I had sat down with the iPad. Nights are sacred in this house. I do not crash before midnight. I prefer the isolation. The quiet. The darkness. No, I was never stuffed into a closet as a child. I have my own problems stemming from my childhood, but whatever terrors transpired during the night therein never affected my love for the night. Perhaps it was my love for the stars. Continue reading

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP


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The very first time I read the title “Sword & Sworcery”, I started twitching. My maiden name is Sword, and you might find it surprising how many ways people can butcher such a utilitarian word. The most common was, “S-whirr-ed”, but was occasionally accompanied with, “S-whor-ed”, and let’s not forget “S-whar-ed”. Getting past the urge to punch someone in the face, I thought it was a cute play on s-words.

Sword & Sworcery is the lovechild of Superbrothers and Jim Guthrie, mixed in with some artsy nostalgia. As a point-and-click adventure game, it assures us old timers retro isn’t dead. With this game, and Double Fine’s newest unnamed addition to the adventure game genre, we can be rest assured knowing our delicate psyches will thrive. Continue reading

Indie Games


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Let me make it a point to start off by saying: I’m a closet hipster.

I wear the Buddy Holly glasses,  still dress like an art student (though one could say with a little pin-up mixed in), listen to NPR for both the news and to hear of new music, write poetry, am heavily into photography, paint occasionally, and King Crimson* is my favorite band. I don’t, however, drink PBR as I am no longer an underage drinker. I have refined tastes in beer and wine (as well as cheese).

*one could argue King Crimson is too mainstream

So when one tells me they like “indie games” several things pop into mind – do they mean games like Braid or Super Meat Boy? Do they mean any number of abominations in the Xbox Live Indie Game Marketplace? Or maybe they mean games like From Dust and Sword and Sworcery: EP? Continue reading

I’m A Blizzard Wizard! – Episode 2 – Part (4/5)


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You are battered and bruised from the last fight. You carry no healing potions with you. Stumbling through the brambles, you fall to your feet from exhaustion.

From your knees you look up from beneath a bloodied brow. A YouTube video appears, glittering in its splendor. You drag your aching limbs to grasp it, but it’s just out of your reach.

Make a Constitution check to watch it!


You rolled a natural 20!